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Who Are We?

Formally declared a Marketing Solutions Provider (MSP) in 2008, Tinfish Creative solutions hails home to some of the best talent and visionaries in the industry. Our passion for print, right through to new digital platforms
drive us daily to create, design and find solutions that others would normally not even consider.

Over the years we’ve built strong relationships with service providers, award winning consultants and clients who share our vision and family-like values.

Our highly efficient think tank, led by mentor and strategist, Estie van Heerden, forms the basis of all operations in our business. We offer a platform where even the smallest idea gets our attention until it is grown into a powerful marketing tool.

We remain sensitive to every type of budget and client expectation.

We partner with clients who are invested in their
brands. Those who are as committed as us to succeed and see their business soar.



Estie has over 20 years of experience in developing impactful marketing strategies that are geared towards achieving objectives aligned to
an organisation’s strategic imperatives. She has a firm background with media and communication contracts for government entities such as CSIR, Eskom, SITA and NCPC.

This experience is underpinned by her roles in marketing, leading to her appointment with Marketing Fanatics as Head Strategist in 2016.

• Marketing Strategy
• Business Strategy
• Brand Strategy
• Marketing Communications
• Public Relations
• Project Management
• Sales Strategy
• Customer Relations
• Graphic and Web design
• Digital Marketing


Our Advisor

Mechanical Engineer, Specialist Mining Processes, Bespoke Furniture Designer & Carpenter
We are fortunate to have Thewie on board as advisor on solutions for manufacturing, mining, engineering and process clients.

As a succesful patent developer and entrepeneur, his input gives
us new insight on market trends that are valuable to our clients in similar sectors.


Our Safe-Keeper

Bcom Charted Accountant – NorthWest University
Mari-Louise has been a part of the Tinsh Team since the company started. Her sound business judgement , innovative and disciplined application of specialist skills have helped shape the company over the past 8 years. She keeps our BEE rating in check, makes sure our requirement as a governmentbvendor is in up to date, and ensure that our clients are billed accurately and efficiently.
Her cost-effective approach to all business decisions keep us on our toes and will always ensure our high level of business ethics echo through, even in our administration.
• Bookkeeping
• Payroll
• Invoicing and Payment tracking
• Administration
• Tender applications
• Client Information Capture
• Office Management

Katty Wilson

Project Manager

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